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I’ve been writing for approximately seven years, and the dream has finally become a reality! My first published work “Inspiration with Explanation” is a combination of self-analysis and helpfulness to others. I have lived, learned and taught the methods contained in this book and they have proven themselves time and again. What I try to do differently than most inspirational writers, is to give a practical application to my inspiration. These daily readings don’t just sound inspiring… they are inspiring when practiced. This is the first book in what will be an ongoing series of daily inspirational books, published on an annual basis.

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The 7 Main Aspects of God (Long Form)
March 1, 2017
God Is Life The word "Life" means more than just breathing to me... it's more than just physical. To claim that I am truly alive, I must be happy, useful, faithful, caring & loving. F...
Genuinely… Frequently… Freely
February 28, 2017
In the movie Risen, Peter says something to the effect of... "Now that I have learned how to help people properly, how can I do anything else?"... and he said it with the most genuine smile ...
Inside First
February 27, 2017
"You can't transmit something you haven't got" ~ Anon. This Principle applies to the individual, the nation & the world... as do all of the Principles I write about. Selfishness can neve...