Happy = Right

Do you want to be right… or do you want to be happy?

I like this little saying & after a few years of trying to understand & practice it… here is what I’ve learned:

1) Even if you are right about what you are arguing about… the fact that you are arguing about it, makes you wrong.

2) There are some things that simply are not important enough to argue about.

3) There are some arguments that simply cannot be won.

The goal for today, remember that right doesn’t always equal Right… happy equals Right!

Have a great day everybody!

6 thoughts on “Happy = Right

  • Perhaps it is necessary to define the concepts of “right” and “happiness”. The perspective is in the definition. “Happiness” and “right” are not mutually inclusive, nor are those conditions mutually exclusive.

    • That’s a good point Rob… & a difficult thing to do. I do believe that there is a universal ‘Right’ that applies to all of us… namely the 4 absolutes… Absolute Selflessness, Honesty, Purity & Love (Of course we may have to define these words as well). After your comment I noticed that I (subconsciously) capitalized the second ‘Right’… signifying this universal Right, rather than what ‘I’ deem right… it’s a factual Right, rather than an opinionated right… a Right that can be proven by cause & effect. In other words, if I don’t end up happy, there can only be one logical explanation… I wasn’t ‘Right’.

      Happiness, on the other hand, becomes an extremely difficult thing to define & I don’t think that we can put a single, universal meaning to it. For example, I used to believe that revenge brought happiness & it took me years of living that way to see & understand that what I was feeling was a false sense of happiness & that’s why it didn’t last long. It wasn’t until I chose forgiveness over revenge, that I finally understood what real happiness was, because I felt it in my heart… rather than just thinking it in my head. But if you asked 100 people to define happiness, you would probably get 100 different definitions because it is dependent upon a level of understanding… it’s a progressive learning thing (if that makes any sense).

      So to paraphrase the original statement properly, I would say… “If your motive is Pure… & your thoughts & deeds are Selfless, Honest & Loving… you are guaranteed True Happiness”

      Thought provoking conversation is one of my favorite indulgences in life! Thanks Rob… have a great weekend my friend!

    • Thanks Kim… I greatly appreciate the positive feedback! I stopped by your blog as well & found it to be very diverse & poetic… I enjoyed it & will be visiting again soon. Have a wonderful day my new friend! 🙂

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