Where I’m Really Supposed To Be

“You’re right where you’re supposed to be” ~idk.

I have been told this in the midst of struggles & difficulties & could never understand why I was ‘supposed to be’ miserable.

Now I know that I was confused about it, because I was NOT where I was supposed to be.

I’m supposed to be happy, joyous & free & if I’m not… I should work toward correcting it & strive to get to that better place.

The goal for today: do whatever it takes to get to where I’m really supposed to be… Happy, Helpful & Alive!

Have a great day everybody!

One thought on “Where I’m Really Supposed To Be

  • Sometimes we have to live through the pain to appreciate what is on the other side. Don’t dismiss the idea that you really are where you are supposed to be… at this very moment. The best is always yet to come.

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