Don’t Default To Low Self-esteem

Why do we tend to think the worst of ourselves?

If someone doesn’t treat me right, should I assume that it’s because I’m no good?

Or is it possible that they are having a bad day & happened to take it out on me?

If I take it personally, I feel bad about myself, hurt & maybe even angry.

If I don’t take it personally, I can be kind, compassionate & understanding.

The goal for today: don’t default to low self-esteem… see things for what they really are & fill my day with Peace, Contentment & Helpfulness!

Have a great day everybody!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Default To Low Self-esteem

    • About 10yrs ago, I nearly committed suicide because I had absolutely no self-esteem & if I didn’t fix it… it was going to end me. Thank God I found a way out & today, I know the Truth about who I am & what I’m worth. Thanks Becky Bee… I greatly appreciate the positive feedback! Have a great day! 🙂

      • I’m glad you found a way out. It can be so, so hard to get over low self-esteem, especially if it’s something that’s become ingrained. I am happy you’re better today, and around to post these things 🙂

        Had a good day, thanks, hope you did/ are (time difference?)

  • I love how the Universe works – this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today after an incident that left me feeling “less than”, but I am not less than, I am loving and kind! Thank You!!!!!

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