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I like the saying "The only time you should look down on anyone is when you are helping them up." That's what happened to me & that's what I try to do for others. In my time of need, a friend who had turned their life around, extended their hand & helped lift me up out of my troubles. Now I spend my time paying that gift forward to others... & helping others is the one thing that is guaranteed above all else, to keep me from slipping back into that trouble. The goal for today: help somebody, in whatever way I can... so we can all rise above our troubles together! Have a great day everybody!
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Forgiveness is the cure to PTSD! It is a debilitating disorder... & many are affected. There is a solution, but we must first understand the cause. If I'm traumatized by inflicting pain on others, my PTSD comes from the belief that I can't be forgiven. If I'm traumatized by others inflicting pain upon me... my PTSD comes from not forgiving others. If I'm truly sorry for what I've done, God will forgive me & I can forgive myself. If I genuinely forgive others, I set myself & them, free. The goal for today: give & receive forgiveness... & cure PTSD! Have a great day everybody!
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The Remedy

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The solving of any & all problems goes kinda like this: 1) Admit that "I" am the problem 2) Admit that God is the solution 3) Put that solution into practice 4) Uncover my own past mistakes 5) Admit those mistakes to others 6) Become willing to let them go 7) Ask God to take them all away 8) Become willing to make it right 9) Go out and repair the damage 10) Watch out for new mistakes 11) Start & finish my day with God 12) Help everyone I possibly can The goal for today: fully understand and put the effort into living by this formula! Have a great day everybody!
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For years I felt hopelessly alone... & now I know why. I didn't really understand it because I usually felt alone either when I wasn't alone... or I chose to be alone. It's strange how we tend to isolate ourselves & then complain of loneliness. Loneliness is actually a symptom of fear. I was afraid I would do or say something wrong & you wouldn't like me... so I would isolate or get hammered to avoid facing that fear. The goal for today: get rid of fear... & focus more on giving friendship than getting it! Have a great day everybody!
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The Power Of Giving

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Bill Wilson, a co-founder of AA, tried to help a lot of people get sober & it didn't work. One day, when he was just about to throw in the towel, he said to his wife "I give up! This isn't working... none of these guys are staying sober"... his wife replied "But you are Bill." Here we are... 83 years later & that statement by Lois Wilson is still saving lives. The person receiving help may or may not get & stay well... but the person giving help will ALWAYS triumph, over any & all difficulties. The goal for today: don't forget this Master Law of Life... giving is far more powerful than getting! Have a great day everybody!
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My beautiful fiancée suggested that I write about Love on Valentine's Day... so I decided to tell you how I Love her. Most of my life I would have believed that it was her job to make me feel loved... but now I know what Love is really about. Love is something you give... & she makes giving easy! Her beautiful eyes, her beautiful mind... & her giant heart make me want to give her all the Love that God has given me! It is easy to give Love to such a beautiful soul! The goal for today: know that our significant others are the opportunity God gives us to demonstrate the Love that He has filled our hearts with! Have a great day everybody!
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Honesty & Morality

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I saw an episode of American Pickers last night. What I love about it is how they run their business based on honesty, morality & respect. Example: when someone asks for less than something is worth... they'll offer more, rather than taking advantage of people. As a result of being honest & decent, their business is wildly successful & they are very highly respected businessmen. It makes my heart feel good to know that good is not completely dead in today's world. The goal for today: honesty, decency, respect, morality... NO MATTER WHAT the rest of the world is doing! Have a great day everybody!
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Controlled Emotions?

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The majority of people in the world believe they are controlled by their emotions. I'm here to tell you that's not true! You aren't controlled by your emotions... you are in control of your emotions. Knee jerk reactions are NOT necessary... & they are NOT outside of our control. I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me that in the first 30 years of my life... but now I KNOW it's true. If you have ever had something bad happen & you didn't react poorly... that is proof that it can be done. The goal for today: become willing to put the effort into controlling your emotions... & live free! Have a great day everybody!
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Get Ahead… & Stay Ahead

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Most of my life I was taking one step forward & two steps back... & I finally found out why. The one step forward came when I exerted myself... when I would finally get sick & tired of being sick & tired. I would take action & a success would follow... but it never lasted long. The reason is very specifically because I didn't help others succeed. Taking action brings that one step forward... but helping others is the ONLY way to prevent taking two steps back. The goal for today: concrete your successes in place by helping others succeed as well! Have a great day everybody!
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Live That Way

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Did you ever watch a movie that had such a positive message that it moved you to tears... live that way! Did you ever listen to a song that reminded you of what it feels like to love... live that way! Did you ever stand for the national anthem & feel like the proudest person on earth... live that way! Did you ever completely lose it while watching someone who has nothing, give everything... live that way! Make those moments a reality! The goal for today: find the things that move us most... & live that way! Have a great day everybody!
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