Open Your Mind

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Open-mindedness is a requirement of learning... learning is a requirement of problem solving... problem solving is a requirement of happiness. At 32 years old, my life was saved by 3 things that I was previously too close-minded to believe in. Despair finally opened my mind... & thank God it did, or I would most certainly be dead today. Now, not only am I still alive... but I'm experiencing a level of Life, Love & Abundance, that I previously did not believe was possible. The goal for today: keep an open mind... because it is an essential requirement to all of our happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!
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Happiness First

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"You're not happy because you're healthy; you're healthy because you're happy" ~Emmet Fox. This author is the master at reminding us of what comes first. Our thinking is what matters most! I grew up in a family that never really talked about sickness, aches & pains, or the like. We didn't give it much attention & as a result, we rarely got sick. The more I think about sickness... the sicker I get. Telling myself that I can't be happy until I get healthy, is sure to keep me sick. The goal for today: focus on being happy by helping others... because physical health always follows mental health! Have a great day everybody!
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