Inside First

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"You can't transmit something you haven't got" ~ Anon. This Principle applies to the individual, the nation & the world... as do all of the Principles I write about. Selfishness can never lead to world peace. If we keep taking from our homes, our nations & our world... unity is destroyed & we ALL lose. The reason that the human race is having so many problems right now is because we are trying to fix things from the top... down. We are waiting for world leaders to fix it... when it absolutely MUST get fixed in the individual first. The goal for today: stop waiting for happiness, peace & freedom to rain down on us from above; we must find it inside first... & then we can spread it around…
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Open Your Mind

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Open-mindedness is a requirement of learning... learning is a requirement of problem solving... problem solving is a requirement of happiness. At 32 years old, my life was saved by 3 things that I was previously too close-minded to believe in. Despair finally opened my mind... & thank God it did, or I would most certainly be dead today. Now, not only am I still alive... but I'm experiencing a level of Life, Love & Abundance, that I previously did not believe was possible. The goal for today: keep an open mind... because it is an essential requirement to all of our happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!
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We Can Fix That

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Trust issues, insecurities, jealousies... we can fix that! These problems are actually NOT caused by the actions of others... they are caused by fear & misunderstanding. I had trust issues because I expected people to tell me the Truth... when I should have looked inside of myself for it. I had insecurities because I was looking to other people to make me feel safe & secure... instead of drawing on my own inner resources. I was jealous because I thought it was your job to supply me with what I wanted & needed. The goal for today: look inward for Truth, Strength & Supply... & no one can ever hurt you again! Have a great day everybody!
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Happiness First

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"You're not happy because you're healthy; you're healthy because you're happy" ~Emmet Fox. This author is the master at reminding us of what comes first. Our thinking is what matters most! I grew up in a family that never really talked about sickness, aches & pains, or the like. We didn't give it much attention & as a result, we rarely got sick. The more I think about sickness... the sicker I get. Telling myself that I can't be happy until I get healthy, is sure to keep me sick. The goal for today: focus on being happy by helping others... because physical health always follows mental health! Have a great day everybody!
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Positives Can’t Cause Negatives

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There is a Law in Life that says it's impossible to get angry at someone because you "care too much." Care can't cause anger, anymore than gravity can cause things to float up. Positives don't cause negatives. This post might stand as proof of this Law. If you get aggravated by what I wrote in this post... it's not because you love me... it's because you don't like when I write things that contradict what you believe. Fear causes anger. The goal for today: tell myself the Truth about my anger so I can fix it! Have a great day everybody!
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Forgiveness is the cure to PTSD! It is a debilitating disorder... & many are affected. There is a solution, but we must first understand the cause. If I'm traumatized by inflicting pain on others, my PTSD comes from the belief that I can't be forgiven. If I'm traumatized by others inflicting pain upon me... my PTSD comes from not forgiving others. If I'm truly sorry for what I've done, God will forgive me & I can forgive myself. If I genuinely forgive others, I set myself & them, free. The goal for today: give & receive forgiveness... & cure PTSD! Have a great day everybody!
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The Power Of Giving

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Bill Wilson, a co-founder of AA, tried to help a lot of people get sober & it didn't work. One day, when he was just about to throw in the towel, he said to his wife "I give up! This isn't working... none of these guys are staying sober"... his wife replied "But you are Bill." Here we are... 83 years later & that statement by Lois Wilson is still saving lives. The person receiving help may or may not get & stay well... but the person giving help will ALWAYS triumph, over any & all difficulties. The goal for today: don't forget this Master Law of Life... giving is far more powerful than getting! Have a great day everybody!
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Controlled Emotions?

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The majority of people in the world believe they are controlled by their emotions. I'm here to tell you that's not true! You aren't controlled by your emotions... you are in control of your emotions. Knee jerk reactions are NOT necessary... & they are NOT outside of our control. I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me that in the first 30 years of my life... but now I KNOW it's true. If you have ever had something bad happen & you didn't react poorly... that is proof that it can be done. The goal for today: become willing to put the effort into controlling your emotions... & live free! Have a great day everybody!
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